I get to Bed at Eight o clock

I Get to Bed at Eight o’clock (1930)

Genre: Comic History in two acts.
Text: Joaquín Vela and José López Campúa.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: November 29, 1930, at Teatro Romea, Madrid.
Performers of the premiere: Perlita Greto, Reyes Castizo “La Yankee”, Amparo Taberner, Concha Rey, Conchita Constanzo, Rosita Ortega, B. Rodríguez, Joaquín Valle, Lino Rodríguez, Andrés Calvo, José Vilches, Dionisio Bernal.

Set in Madrid and on a beach on the French Basque coast, I get to bed at eight o’clock is a work that meets all the standard requisites of a revue with aplomb.

A journalist of the time began his chronicle saying that “the only important thing in a variety show are the second tiples, then the first ones and then everything else”. But this anonymous commentator went on to write: “in Saturday’s performance the best thing was the music of Alonso, which was repeated in its entirety: picaresque and jaunty music”.

Another, who signed “Herce”, wrote: “A Success, for all concerned, but the highest accolades must go to first and foremost to Alonso, who has composed a happy and modern score, repeated in its entirety, and many of its number stood out for their quality : particularly the one that parodies with a subtle humor the concertantes of Rossini’s old operas “.
A chotis, a song and some gypsy bulerías were also applauded.

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1930. Performers: Celia Gámez, Perlita Greco, Orquesta del Gramófono conducted by Francisco Alonso.