The affectionate ones

The affectionate ones (1928)

Genre: picaresque show in one act.
Text: Francisco Lozano and Enrique Arroyo.
Music: Francisco Alonso and Joaquín Belda.
Premiere: December 15, 1928, at Teatro Maravillas, Madrid.
Performers of the premiere: Carmen Navarro, Rosita Cadenas, Olvido Rodríguez, Camen Losada, Manuel Alares, Lino Rodríguez, Rafael Alaria.

Synopsis: In the villa of Malasio Cordero, everyone is in a state of deadly boredom. Africa, his wife, is ill and awaits the visit of the doctor.

The first to arrive however is Moncho, Marina’s boyfriend, Malasio’s niece, whom they confuse with the doctor. Moncho prescribes entertainment for Africa, and then proceeds to suggest she travel to exotic places. Africa and the rest of the women make advances toward Moncho without Malasio noticing anything. In the end, once the identity of Moncho has been discovered, they all return to Madrid, where Marina and Moncho will continue their relationship.

Conceived along the lines of of “Las Castigadoras”, premiered the previous year, “Las Cariñosas” is a picaresque, friendly but audacious work, which delves into the issue of dissatisfied women. Its six musical numbers were repeated, especially the “Chotis de la Lola”, which was sung three times and which has since been enjoyed in its own right. The “Charleston of the hat”, was also very applauded for the spectacular quality of its scenography.

As anecdotal as it may sound, it is nonetheless true that the “Chotis de la Lola”, occurred to Alonso whilst traveling in a taxi.