The Pretty Women

The Pretty Women (1933)

Gender: Joke in two acts.
Text: Antonio Paso (father and son).
Music: Francisco Alonso and José Cabas Quilez.
Premiere: April 14, 1933, at Teatro Maravillas, Madrid.
Performers of the premiere: Perlita Greco, Amparo Taberner, Carmen Alonso, Pilar Pelares, Miguel Ligero, Galleguito, Emilio Stern, Mr. Videgain, Mr. Parra.

Steeped in the best traditions of genre of the variety show, Pretty Women, is a showcase for the fundamental elements of the aforementioned genre: suggestive girls suitably undressed and grouped in tireless ensembles in dance and choreography; scenic allegories, popular pictures and a extravagant use of light. All this was expected and predicatably applauded by the diehard audience of this type of show.

In the music, written by Alonso and Cabas Quilez, we also find the usual repertoire: a chotis, a pasodoble, cuplés in jota time and a machicha, that were applauded and encored. A terceto and a duo in Mazurca time also drew attention.







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1933. Performer: Galleguito.