Juanilla la Perchelera ingles

Juanilla the Perchelera (1925)

Genre: Sainete Lírico in an act.
Text: Luis Fernández de Sevilla and Anselmo Cuadrado Carreño.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: May 22, 1925, at Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid.
Premiere performers: Luisa Quirós, Miss Rosi, Miss Serrano, Mr. Boi, Mr. Segarra, Mr. Segura, Mr. Aznar, Mr. Rebull.

The score that maestro Alonso wrote for this sainete contains references to popular themes, such as the dance of the first scene. It comprised mainly bulerías and zapateados and came with duo in the last scene. Another duo was applauded, the proclamation in the second.

In one of the newspapers of the time this review: was published, “without forcing situations, or violating the language and without discovering new horizons either, the authors have composed a series of beautiful scenes of Life in Malaga, which are a simply pleasure to behold.”


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