Kidnap me Tonight

Kidnap me Tonight (1947)

Genre: Musical fantasy in two acts.
Text: Antonio and Manuel Paso.
Music: Francisco Alonso and Daniel Montorio.
Premiere: January 15, 1947, at the Teatro Albéniz, Madrid.

Synopsis: A young and wealthy Latin American woman named Emerita travels to Spain to fulfil her dreams: to be kidnapped by a bandit in order to marry him. Alexis, who is in love with the young woman, designs a plan with the father of Emerita. It revolves around traveling both to Spain and hiring there a gang of individuals who pose as bandits to kidnap the girl. Alexis will be one of the members of this gang and will try to get Emerita to fall in love with him.

Throughout his 23 cuadros, several could be described as truly spectacular, several numbers were applauded: a pasodoble, a fox, a bulería, a farruca, a tanguillo, a bolero, a rumba and a samba. However the most resoundingly popular number was the pasodoble “Los olivaritos”.

In 1985, it was released on television Róbame esta noche. Fernando García de la Vega directed the Spanish musical comedy series for Televisión Española. María José Cantudo, Emilio José and Mónica Cano figured the television cast of this work.


1946. In 1998, the Blue Moon record label, in its collection Serie Lírica, launched Tres días para quererte and Róbame esta noche, by remastering recordings from that era. There is also a recording of Sonifolk in his collection La Revista Musical Española. Vol. 1., which includes the works Doña Mariquita de mi corazón and Róbame esta noche. Performers: Gran Orquesta del Teatro Albéniz de Madrid conducted by Daniel Montorio. Mari Begoña, Lina Rosales, Raquel Daina, Eduardo Gómez “Gometes”, Alberto Romero and tiples. 1947 Barcelona