Works for piano

Works for piano


Pilar, Op. 1 (1901). Download complete score

Mazurca for piano dated in Granada, January 1901, and dedicated “To my mother”.

It is his first work. 


Carlos V, Op. 2 (1901). Download complete score

Pasodoble for piano composed in Granada by the brothers Francisco and José Alonso López.

The manuscript is dated August 21, 1901.


Zaragoza, Op. 3 (1902). Download complete score

Jota for piano, composed in Granada, in September 1902. 


Carmencita, Op. 4 (1901). Download complete score

Polka for piano. Manuscript signed in Granada, November 2, 1901.


Pilarcita, Op. 5 (1902). Download complete score

Mazurca for piano, written in Granada in 1902. It was probably written for his younger sister.


Ramo de oro, Op. 6 (1902). Download complete score

Waltz for piano, dedicated “To my father” and composed in Granada, on October 9, 1902.


Miguel, Op. 7 (1903). Download complete score

Waltz for piano. Dedicated “To my distinguished friend D. M. [Miguel] Casero Ruiz-Matas.


Ola de amor, Op. 8 (1902). Download complete score

Habanera for piano. Dated September 5, 1902, in Granada.

Venus, Op. 9 (1902). Download complete score

Mazurca for piano, dated in Granada on March 25, 1902.


El carnaval, Op. 10 (1902). Download complete score

Pasacalle for piano, transcribed for orchestra with destination to the Grenadine Philharmonic Society.

One of the existing manuscripts contains this dedication: “I dedicate these four notes to the Grenadian Philharmonic as proof of my love for her”.


Antoñita, Op. 11 (1903). Download complete score

Polca for piano, dedicated “To the beautiful girl A. Pérez”.


Pepita, Op. 15. Download complete score

Mazurca for piano.


Esperanza, Op. 16 (1903). Download complete score

Gavota for piano, composed on June 17, 1903.


Modernist, Op. 17 (1903). Download complete score

Waltz for piano, dated in Granada on June 26, 1903.


La galleguita

Polca for piano.


María Teresa, Op. 18 (1908). Download on CDMA

Vals boston, for piano, signed in 1908 in El Fargue.

There are two dates: January 11 and February 11, which suggests that two versions were made. There is also a band version.


Apolo, Op. 19 (1903). Download complete score

Vals Boston for piano, dated in Granada August 22, 1903.

Pura, Op. 20 (1903). Download complete score

Mazurca for piano. Written in Granada, September 1903.


First Barcarola, Op. 25 (1904). Download on CDMA

Page for piano four hands, composed in Granada, on February 10, 1904.


Thought, Op. 26 (1904). Download complete score

Vals for piano, written in Granada and “composed specifically for his little sister Pilar”.


Capricho, Op. 27 (1904). Download on CDMA

Work of which there are two versions, for organ and piano.


May I come in?, Op. 28 (1904). Download on CDMA

Gavota for piano, transcribed, also, for band. In this version it was premiered on December 18, 1904, at the inauguration of the new locale of the Círculo Católico Obrero, in Granada.

It became very popular and was interpreted frequently.


Isabelita, Op. 30 (1904). Download complete score

Mazurca easy for piano, dated in Granada, on June 24, 1904. It was dedicated “To the beautiful and nice girl I. Castaños”.


Cauchemar d’Amour, Op. 31. Download complete score

Vals for piano. 


Night in la Alhambra, Moorish Memories, Op. 39 (1905). Download on CDMA

Fantasy for four-handed piano. Dated in Granada, September 1905, it was dedicated “To the eminent teacher D. Tomás Bretón”.


Roses d’Automme (Autumn Roses), Op. 42 (1905). Download on CDMA

Slow waltz for piano, written in September 1905.

With the title in Spanish was orchestrated for the band of El Fargue in August 1906, and dedicated “To my dear friend D. Francisco Vico”.

There is also a version for violin, dated October 1905 and dedicated “To my good friend Antonio Henares”.


¡Viva Loja!, Op. 44 (1906). Download on CDMA

Pasodoble for piano written “expressly for the Estudiantina Juventud Lojeña at the Carnival of 1906”.


¡Hard that it’s late!, Op. 45 (1906). Download on CDMA

Pasodoble written in Granada in 1906. Composed for piano, there is also a band version.

It was dedicated “To my distinguished friend Alberto Álvarez de Cienfuegos”.


Obertura, Op. 49 (1906). 

Work for violin and piano. It was dedicated “to the remarkable violinist Don Antonio Henares”.


Marcha mora, Op. 51 (1906). Download on CDMA

Work for four hands piano. It was also transcribed for band. Premiere: September 30, 1908, in Plaza Nueva, Granada.


Nocturno-Barcarola, Op. 52 (1906). Download on CDMA

Work for cello and piano.


Gunpowder without Smoke, Op. 53 (1906). Download on CDMA

Pasodoble for piano four hands, composed in Granada, on August 15, 1906. There is also a band version.

It premiered on September 23, 1906, with the intervention of the Orfeón de la Filarmónica and the Banda de El Fargue. Alonso was warmly congratulated.


Next to the roses, Op. 56 (1906). Download on CDMA

Work for orchestra, composed in Granada on November 16, 1906.


Rosita, Op. 57 (1906). Download complete score

Slow waltz for piano, dated in Granada on December 8, 1906. There is a version for band.


¡Arsa pilili!, Op. 59 (1907). Download on CDMA

Pasodoble for piano, written in Granada in 1907. Dedicated “A la Tuna Granadina”.


Verbena night, Op. 61 (1907). Download complete score

Gavota for piano, dated in Granada, June 1907.


Doli, Op. 63 (1907). Download complete score

Slow waltz. Written in Granada, in September of 1907.


Concha, Op. 64 (1907). Download complete score

Gavota for piano, composed on September 25, 1907.


Rita, Op. 73 (1908). Download on CDMA

Polca for piano.


Ecoutez-moi, Op. 78 (1908). Download complete score

Gavota for piano, dated in Granada in October 1908.


Gypsy Dance (1909). Available in BNE

Page for piano, premiered in the same session as El sueño de Boabdil, on May 30, 1909 at the Teatro Cervantes, in Granada.

The work was heard, later, at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, in Madrid.


Guajiras (1910). Download on CDMA

Work for piano, with transcription for band, dated August 1, 1910.


My Goodbye to Granada! (1911). Download complete score

Page for piano, of nostalgic character, composed on April 11, 1911, in Madrid.

In the manuscript score can read: “Improvisation remembered after the farewell banquet of Granada.”

Long Life Graná! (1914). Download on CDMA

Pasodoble flamenco for piano, published in 1914. Dedicated “To my distinguished friend Mr. José Morote”. There are versions for band and for piano and string quintet.


L’Amour qui vient (1913)

Waltz for piano, edited by UME in 1913.


Passe (1914)

Vals for piano, published in 1914.


Jeunesse Charmante (1915). Available in BNE

Vals for piano dedicated to Emilia Rodríguez Gutiérrez.


The Carnation and the Favorite (1918)

Choreographic fantasy in one act. Released on April 22, 1918 at the Music- Hall Palace Hotel.



Slow waltz for piano.


Long Life the King!. Download on CDMA

March for piano.


Bolero Goyesco

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