The last years

Greetings after the premiere of Doña Mariquita

After the Spanish war, Francisco Alonso cultivate the operetta and the musical comedy with titles like Doña Mariquita de mi corazón (1942), Honeymoon in Cairo (1943), That Blue Night and Three Days to Love You and Leave You , (both in 1945), which are new successes in the career of the composer from Granada.

The maestro does not forget the zarzuela and in the post-war he premieres Manuelita Rosas, and La zapaterita.

In 1947 Francisco Alonso is elected President of the SGAE (Spanish Author Society) after having served it in other positions.

Alonso and Francisco Lozano with four of the performers of Tres días para quererte.

But the disease lurks. He suffers a retinal detachment and the subsequent surgical intervention forces him to rest. But Alonso is a restless spirit and, in full convalescence, he premiers a musical written by Francisco Ramos de Castro: 24 hours lying.

On May 18, 1948, the composer Francisco Alonso dies at his home in Madrid located on the street of Sagasta. The funeral, chaired by the Minister of Education and the Mayor, is multitudinous and goes through the center of a Madrid that cries and mourns to one of the composers who best knew how to portray its people.