The Bomb

The bomb (1930)

La Yankee

Genre: Cartoon in one act.
Text: Francisco Lozano, Enrique Reoyo and Francisco Loygorri.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: March 22, 1930, at Teatro Eslava, Madrid.
Performers of the premier: Celia Gámez, La Yankee, Ms. Lasalle, Ms. Navarro, Ms. Losada, Ms. Lamas, Ms. Estrada, Mr. Rodríguez, Mr. Icabalceta, Mr. Garrido, Mr. Calvo, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Bárcena.

The bomb is an insignificant work, with some bad jokes for which the applause were not exactly over-enthusiastic but for which the composer wrote a few light and catchy musical numbers. What did receive more grateful applause were the “number of the ushers”, a fragment  danced by La Yankee and another starring the great Celia Gámez.

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