I like them all

I Like Them All (1951)

Alfonso del Real

Genre: Variety show in two acts.
Text: Antonio Paso Cano and Antonio Paso Díaz.
Music: Francisco Alonso and Daniel Montorio.
Premiere: November 9, 1951, at Teatro Ruzafa, Valencia.
Premiere performers: Maruja Tomás, Juanita Ugena, Pilar Jiménez, Carmen Serrano, Alfonso del Real, José Sazatornil, Tito Medrano, Manuel Navarro.

In the usual traditions of a variety show, the libretto was replete with jokes and very predictable situations for experts in this kind of show, but which was criticized by both critics and fans alike. However, the nine musical numbers that Francisco Alonso and Daniel Montorio wrote for it, were highly applauded. Unfortunately due to his untimely death three years before, the composer from Granada was not able to enjoy the premiere.