The Widows of Relief

The Widows of Relief (1946)

Maruja Tomás

Genre: Operetta.
Text: José Muñoz Román and Emilio González del Castillo.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: August 14, 1946 at Tearo Jofre, in El Ferrol (La Coruiña).
Performers of the premiere: Maruja Tomás, Miguel Arteaga, Miguel Bodega
It is the remake of Las tocas, the work of the same authors released ten years before.

A journalist from Barcelona remarked on the absence of “those sassy elements” present in these sell-out productions of this genre in El Paralelo before the war”.
In Madrid it was premiered on June 15, 1946, at Teatro Martín.

Of the score what most stood out was a fox-rumba entitled “The Carambo”, the machicha “what a woman asks you”, a danzón, a pasodoble and a boogie-boogie.





1946. Performers: Maruja Tomás, Miguel Bodega, Miguel Arteaga.