Calls to arms

Calls to Arms (1935)

Genre: Musical in two acts.
Text: Antonio Paso (son) and Francisco Laygorri.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: 1935, at Teatro Martín, Madrid.
Performers (premiere): Amparo Taberner, Blanca Suárez, Tina de Jarqué, Isabel Nájera, María Portillo, Faustino Bretaño, Arsenio Becerra, Luis Heredia, Mariano Ozores, Emilio Porras, Alfredo Corcuera, Luis Bellido.

Although the book of “Las de armas tomar” was accused of being long-winded and far too adventurous, the musical was saved by the spectacular way in which it was staged and, above all, by the music. In this respect, the public reacted warmly to a bullfighting pasodoble, a military march, a mimic dance performed by soldiers, a chotis, a carioca and a brilliant “Farruca gitana”.


1935. Performers: Esperanza Arquero y Eloy Parra