Mary ingles

Mary (1933)

Trini Avellí

Genre: Operetta in a prologue and two acts.
Text: Carlos Jaquetot and Antonio Martín-Gamero.
Music: Francisco Alonso and José L. Mediavilla.
Premiere: May 11, 1933, at Teatro Tívoli, Barcelona.
Performers of the pemiere: C. Gubert, Trini Avellí, Sra. Llanos, Sra. Alegre, Ms. Coronado, M. Redondo, P. Fernández, J. Royo, J. Baraja, Mr. Sánchez, Mr. Lopetegui.

As often happens in the operetta, the action takes place beyond the borders of Spain: the prologue in Buenos Aires, the first act and the beginning of the second in Paris, and the final scene on a ranch in the Argentine Pampas. All this at the time of the premiere.