Mountain airs and graces

Mountain Airs and Graces (1933)

Maria Teresa Planas

Genre: Zarzuela in three acts.
Text: Carlos Jacquetot and Antonio Martín Gamero.
Music: Francisco Alonso and José Luis Mediavilla.
Premiere: September 1933, at María Lisada Coliseum, Santander
Performers of the premiere: María Teresa Planas, Carmen Arenas, Flora Pereira, Francisco Arias, Antonio Miras, Eduardo Marcén, Manuel Hernández.

Synopsis: The main story revolves around the appearance of a young lady, with a air of femme fatale who, like a cat amongst pidgeons, causes great impression among the innocent local boys of the mountain village
Work of circumstance, “Aires de la montaña” was premiered in Madrid at the Teatro Ideal on August 16, 1935.

The public applauded a fox who not to mention a “tonada montañesa”, a baritone romanza, a comic duet in the second act and a mountain dance performed by the choir: “El sabor de la Tierruca”.