Paris-Madrid (1924)

María Lacalle

Genre: Sainete from Madrid in one act.
Text: Ángel Torres del Álamo and Antonio Asenjo.
Music: Francisco Alonso and Cayo Vela Marqueta.
Premiere: October 3, 1924, at Teatro Novedades, Madrid.
Performers of the premiere: María Lacalle, Miss Santoña, Miss Norda, Mrs. Ramos, Mr. Aparici, Mr. Gómez Bur, Mr. Monjardín.

Paris-Madrid was greeted with applause, thanks to the music of Francisco Alonso and Cayo Vela, who received the most enthusiastic ovations with the “número de los sombreros”, the “cuplés de las niñas futbolistas” and a chotis, a genuine model of the genre.