The beautiful Lady from Carrascal

The beautiful lady from Carrascal (1940)

Genre: zarzuela in two acts.
Text: José de Lucio and Carlos Arniches.
Music: Francisco Alonso and José Cabas Quiles.
Premiere: February 12, 1940, at Teatro, Barcelona.
Performers of the premier: Esperanza Puga, Mercedes García, Salvador Castelló, Vicente Aparicio, Pepe Acuaviva, Carlos Latorre, José Perera.

Work designed for its sheer entertainment, was well received and applauded at its premiere in the Catalan capital. Of its musical numbers, the public enthused mostly about a funny terceto, a mazurca, a rondalla with tenor soloist, the “Coro de las mieles” and a jazz dance.

In Barcelona, the zarzuela had now become Maestro Alonso’s latest triumph.