The carambola

The “Carmañola” (1933)

Genre: Zarzuela in two acts.
Text: Luis Fernández Ardavín.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: June 2, 1933, at Teatro Calderón, Madrid.
Performers of the premiere: Matilde Vázquez, Laura Nieto, María Téllez, Marcos Redondo, Antonio Miras, Aníbal Vela, Eladio Cuevas, José Marín.


Set at the time of the French Revolution, a love story is played out here but it ends in a happy marriage. Alonso wrote a musical that was enthusiastically applauded and from which for the press at least what stood out most were a duo of contralto and bass, a baritone romanza in the second act and an old-style pavane.