The Cross of the Angels

The Cross of the Angels (1910)

Genre: Zarzuela in one act.
Text: Venancio Herrrero and Luis Guarnerio.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: December 20, 1910, at Teatro Cervantes, Granada.
Performers of the premiere: C. Bailló, Carmencita Guarddón, Ms. Sánchez Jiménez, Ms. Colina, Ms. P.Guardón, Mr. Codeso, Mr. Mauri, Mr. Tojedo, Pepito Guarddón.

In “El defensor de Granada” a journalist wrote that the plot revolved around spurned lovers, Moorish jealousy that ends in irreparable misfortune, bitter disappointment that is summed up by the well-known song “Si ya no tiene remedio lo que a ti te ha sucedido”.” If what happened to you can’t no longer be put right”.

It was considered a great step forward in the career of its authors and enjoyed great popularity thanks to its cheerful music,  and was often received with resounding applause.

In Teatro Eslava, of Madrid, it was staged years later on the 28 of December of 1927.

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