The Apples of my Eye

The Apples of my Eye (1927)

Genre: Lyrical pastime in one act.
Text: Manuel Fernández Palomero.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: February 10, 1927, at Teatro Martín, Madrid.
Premiere performers: Ms. Fenor, Ms. Pinedo, Luisita Wieden, Ms. Peris, Ms. Corro, Mr. Heredia, Mr. Rodríguez, Mr. Loben, Mr. Alba.

Synopsis: At a doctor’s surgery, attended assiduously by a lot of beautiful women , arrives a shy young man and his cousin who wants to marry him.

The doctor organizes a big party and offers the young man glasses, which he has invented, with which he sees everything. The young man loses his shyness and ends up marrying his cousin.

The Apples of my eye is a picaresque work, adapted to the tastes of Martin’s fans who praised the music and who applaused rapturously a chotis, the so-called “radio listener fox”, a number about chimney sweeps and a comic trio.

Performers: Sarah Fenor y Luis Bori

Foxtrot of Las niñas de mis ojos played by a sextet with piano.Ensemble de Madrid.