The women of the rolled eyes

The women of the rolled eyes (1934)

Genre: Comic pastime in two acts.
Text: Emilio González del Castillo and José Muñoz Román.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: October 31, 1934, at Teatro Martín, Madrid.
Performers of the premier: Amparo Taberner, Blanquita Suárez, Tina de Jarqué, Isabel Nájera, Elva Roy, Luis Heredia, Mariano Ozores, Luis Manzano, Emilio Porte, Mr. Bretaño, Mr. Corcuera.

This work, more praised for its musical aspects than for its text, was for its light and varied melodies and for its spectacular staging in terms of its exotic sets and the brilliant costumes.

Particularly cheered the scenes and musical numbers entitled “The melody of love”, “The dance of the Real”, “Festival of the accordion” and, especially the pasodoble “Horchatera Valenciana”.

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