Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great (1916)

Genre: Zarzuela in three acts.
Text: E. Gutiérrez Gamero and Mariano Pina.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Premiere: October 4, 1916, at Teatro de la Zazuela, Madrid.

The only memory we have left of this work is linked to the personal life of Alonso, who had the idea of inviting his future in-laws to the premiere, who were not very happy about their daughter marrying a composer.

Federico, despite the interest and effort of Alonso, turned out to be a failure. The composer, who was a little superstitious, was rather taken a back by this strange and bitter experience and promised that, from that moment on, no one in his family would attend a premiere of his. Furthermore, although in time Federico el Grande would become a family anecdote, the musician nevertheless kept his promise.