The first kiss of love

The First Kiss of Love (1905)


Genre: Sainete in one act.
Text: Francisco de Paula Valladar and Ángel Tapia.
Music: Francisco Alonso.

Sinopsis: Unfortunately we have nothing left of the libretto, but, from the score, it appears that its plot is the typical love triangle. Ricardo and Miguelillo would be the two suitors and Rosa the protagonist. There are not any reviews of the premiere either.

Fortunately, La Joven Orquesta de Andalucía, conducted by Gabriel Delgado, left us the recording of two fragments in 2014. The work has nine numbers in which Francisco Alonso, with only 18 years of age, experiments with the possibilities of the genre, already using choir and dance songs and some orchestrated pages that undoubtedly already have the signature of the Granada-born maestro.

This work is classified as opus 40.