Crazy Night

Crazy Night (1927)

Genre: Modern variety show in two acts.
Text: Joaquín Vela and José López Campúa.
Music: Fancisco Alonso.
Premiere: August 9, 1927, at Teatro Chueca, Madrid.
Interpreters of the premiere: Antoñita Torres, Angelica Cortesina, Manolo Tito, Arsenio Becerra, Alady, Lepe.

Contemporary magazine that became very popular and exceeded a hundred performancces.

One noteworthy comment from the booklet read: “Because it is a modern magazine, in subsequent shows, new scenes will be added, in terms of both music and dialogue which, of course, do not appear in the present issue.”

The music of the popular composer from Granada included a tango, a bolero, a pasodoble, a java, a “war march”, a machicha gaucha “, the” waltz of the rose “and the” fox of the mirrors “.

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