Forge of Souls

Forge of Souls (1943)

Feature film, with music by Alonso, directed by Eusebio Fernández Ardavín.
Screenplay: Ricardo Mazo and Inocencio Guzmán.
Director of photography: Hans Scheib.
Assembly: Margarita Ochoa.
Music: Francisco Alonso.
Interpreters: Raúl Cancio, Antoñita Colomé, Francisco Hernández, Manolita Morán, Theodore J. Pahle, Joaquín Rosa, Alberto Romea, Germán Siles.
Premiere: January 1, 1943, at Cine Sol, Madrid.

Synopsis: The priest and pedagogue Andrés Manjón (1846-1923), decideS to found a center for abandoned children, the Ave Maria Schools of Granada. Concerned about disadvantaged people, he will not stop until they have a better life.

The movie Forja de Almas includes musical performances in the caves of Sacromonte in Granada. For this film, Alonso created a very attractive music, among which is a vibrant pasodoble and a romantic song called “La reja”.