Shoulder arms!

Shouldering arms! (1911)

Genre: Zarzuela comic in one act.
Text: Emilio González del Castillo and Carlos Dotesio.
Music: Francisco Alonso and Tomás López Torregrosa.
Premiere: November 3, 1911, at the Teatro Martín, in Madrid.
Premiere performers: Miss Uliverri, Ms. Lastra, Miss Manzano, Mr. Bejarano, Mr. Balsalobre, Mr. Angelo, Mr. Manzano, Mr. Gaivar, Mr. Cardoso.

Dedicated to the writer of Granada Alfonso Paso, Shouldering arms is an entertaining, comical work, with “tasteful jokes”, as the press at the time pointed out, was the first significant success in the musical career of Francisco Alonso.

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